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1.  What are the membership qualifications?    Potential members must be bonded if required by the state they operate in.  They also must be insured with a minimum liability policy of $1,000,000.  They must have at least five years of experience operating a professional entertainment agency.  They must be an agency which offers more than just one singe act.  They do business in the Mid-Atlantic area.  They must have a 24 hour emergency call number to assist clients.  Finally, they must be sponsored to join by at least 2 other AMAEA members.

2.  Why are our members reputable?    Because of the stringent qualification criteria for membership, our members are indeed committed to operating their businesses in a professional and ethical way.  Because the decision to become a member is based on the say so of other AMAEA members, there is a general interest in upholding the highest stands in our businesses.

3.  What does it mean for an agency to be bonded?

4.  How are AMAEA members insured?   Each member is required to have a minimum liability policy of $,1000,000 for any incident that may affect the agency.

5.  What additional quality control will your members provide for the artists I hire?    While each of our members operates a separate company with differing objectives, AMAEA members have agreed to uphold the highest standards of quality in the operation of their businesses.

6.  How are the ethics of AMAEA members different?  As a foundation for membership, AMAEA members have agreed to uphold the highest standards of ethics.  Further, each member has an obligation to other AMAEA members to police the ethical standards of the entertainment agency industry.  Thus, because the reputation of each member is of paramount importance, there is general interest that each company is seen as operating an ethical company.

7.  Are there mechanisms to ensure proper business practices among members?    There is a dispute mechanism for dealing with issues as they arise in the industry.  Also, any member that fails to support the ongoing rules for membership can be terminated from the organization.

8.  How are AMAEA members screened before becoming members?  Our members are indeed professionals as can be seen from the strict membership requirements above.

9.  What do I do if I have a problem with a member?  If you have a specific problem with a member, please contact the AMAEA and let us know your situation.  We will do our best to mitigate your issue and resolve the situation with our member.

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